Round 2 – 4/24-26

We’re just one short week away from NASA Utah Round 2. Get registered early, as some of the groups will sell out!  We can’t wait to see all of you for Round 2, on the West Track.  Make sure you join us for the Saturday-evening BBQ and trophy ceremony; it’s included with your entry fee.

Morning Check-in/Registration will be open at 7:00 am each morning at the NASA Garage – Team Garage #109

Weekend schedule is available here.

Please make sure to register online as it really helps speed up the process each event morning.

Racers, Please Check Your Medical Forms

** RACERS ** – Please log into your NASA profile and verify that your race license is current, and that there is a VALID medical form on file for you. For drivers over age 40 there is a requirement for a 12-lead EKG to be submitted as well. This is a new requirement for NASA, but it is a necessity.

Without a VALID medical on file, we cannot let you race.

Class Forms

Please get your updated class forms together for Round 2. Time Trial and ST/GTS/PT class forms are required for competitors. Even if you have made no changes, competition adjustments have been made to several classes. Please check https://www.nasaproracing.com/rules to find the latest info about your class, and COMPLETE a 2015 class form and bring it with you to the event.

Round 1 Recap

Our first event of the 2015 season was incredible – Thank you to everyone who did their part to make it one of the biggest and best events in NASA Utah history.

Saturday 3/28 Results
Sunday 3/29 Results
2015 Season Points

Please review the season points after each event to make sure they are correct, and to help us ensure they are maintained throughout the year. If you find errors in these season points, please contact Dave Kizerian – DAVE.KIZERIAN@NASAUTAH.COM

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